Face to Face

These 2 hour evening sessions bring traders face to face with Garth Mackenzie in an interactive evening discussion. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions, engage in discussion and debate topics related to trading and to the market. Garth will be on hand to supply charts and analysis in a live interactive environment. Garth starts the evening off with a brief 20 minute presentation on a topical issue, and then the floor is open for discussion on any market related issues. There is no set order of events. The floor is open to everyone to ask questions, debate and learn from each other and to get a face to face insight into Garth's market analysis.

Forthcoming Face to Face Sessions

Latest news

Still no light for Dawn

New CEO says industrial player is operating below its fixed-cost breakeven point as it posts yet another loss.Read more
Source:Financial MailDate: 2017/07/21

Atlatsa and Amplats finally give up on cash-draining Bokoni mine

Atlatsa and Amplats finally loose patience with the perennially underperforming Bokoni mine‚ putting it into care and maintenance as part of a deal that will entail the platinum giant writing off the junior miner’s R4.2bn debt. Read more
Source:BDproDate: 2017/07/21