Service offerings is a subscription based online trading service that offers daily trade analysis on various financial markets.

Subscribers will get a first-hand insight into the thinking of experienced traders Garth Mackenzie and Andrew Todd.

The aim of this website is to assist traders in their decision making, and to teach them useful skills to become consistently successful traders. Our mission statement on Traders Corner is "Promoting Proper Trading Principles".

What you get as a subscriber:

Daily Game Plan: This report is published daily, and includes a view for the day ahead on the market, and also highlights trading opportunities that are evident on the day. Where we have a specific trading strategy for the day, we will publish all details relating to that strategy, including entry levels, profit taking levels and stop loss levels, as well as how much capital to risk on each trade. These trade ideas will be followed up each day after the recommendation on an ongoing basis until the trade has been closed. On days where we have no specific trade strategy for the day (we don't believe in forcing trades when there are no clear trades evident) we will publish some other interesting content which is relevant to the current market environment. We also publish short term analysis on the Top40 future every day in the Daily Game Plan. The Daily Game Plan is published daily and is available at 8:30am each morning.

Weekly Analysis: This report is published every Wednesday and includes a summary look at each of the SA Top40 stocks on the JSE, as well as a look at the relative strength of stocks making up the indices, and also a look at the dominant themes that are driving markets currently. Stocks are analysed technically and all support and resistance levels are identified in the Weekly Analysis for each stock. We also highlight any particular interesting chart patterns or relevant events that are likely to result in a trading opportunity in the stocks covered. This is a great weekly summary of the chart setups of the major stocks on the JSE.

SA Watchlist: This report is published on Fridays and is a distilled version of the weekly Analysis. In this report, we publish a detailed analysis of stocks that are lining up a particularly interesting trading opportunity in the week ahead. Usually this is between 5 to 10 stocks per week. We highlight levels to watch in the week ahead. In this report we publish ideas that you should be keeping on your watchlist for the week ahead, as well as how you could potentially look to trade those ideas. These ideas may often appear again in the Daily Game Plan in the following week as a trade strategy.

International Watchlist: This report is updated on a Monday and covers stocks on overseas markets. The predominant focus in this section is stocks that form part of the S&P100 index (USA) or the FTSE100 index (UK) or the Stoxx50 Index (Europe). Technical analysis is used to identify possible trading opportunities that are looking interesting for the week ahead. The idea behind this report is to provide subscribers with a watchlist of potential trading opportunities in international stocks to monitor for the week ahead. These ideas may also re-appear in the Daily Game Plan when trade setups become actionable.

Traders Tools: This section includes calculators that are relevant to traders. We have developed our own position sizing calculator which will allow you to calculate the ideal position size that you should trade, based on your available trading capital, and how much of that capital you are willing to risk on each trade.

The aim of this website is to Promote Proper Trading Principles using real life trading situations. This is done with a view to assist subscribers to grow their capital, as well as to educate them in the correct disciplines to become consistently successful traders.

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